Brecht Loterman Managing Director Chef & Knife

      Our sharpening service

      Chef & Knife is a sharpening service for chefs, professionals and amateur chefs. Since 2019, we have been collaborating with a great number of reputable fine dining restaurants in Flanders. Top chefs rely on Chef & Knife for the knowledge and care of our sharpening expert. Quality and service are our priorities. Chef & Knife specializes in sharpening and restoring European and Japanese knives.

      How do we sharpen?

      Knives require expertise and precision to be able to provide a perfectly sharp cut without damaging the integrity of the steel and the knife’s profile.

      Our knife sharpener evaluates each knife separately to decide the type of steel, the knife’s profile and the condition of the cutting edge. By doing so, he chooses the most suitable sharpening method to ensure that he will achieve a perfect finish.

      Chef & Knife’s sharpening process removes only a minimum amount of steel and we restore the profile to its original state. This guarantees a fine and strong cut that will last longer.

      At Chef & Knife we ​​do not use aggressive industrial machines that overheat the delicate knives. We have adapted tools and work according to traditional methods. We also offer a traditional Japanese service on water stones. Rotary water stones and a water-cooled belt sander equipped with special sanding belts are used for heavier repairs. Each knife is polished and treated with strop for a mirror finish and a razor-sharp result.

      Our expertise and skills will get the best out of your knife.

      Slijpmachine Kleine Messerladen Chef & Knife
      Brood mes slijpmachine Chef & Knife

      What do we sharpen?

      • zakmessen zonder kartels

      • broodmessen

      • tafelmessen

      • keukenmessen

      • mes vleesmolen

      • cirkelmes, rond snijmes vleessnijmachine

      • huishoudschaar

      • kappersschaar

      • mandoline

      • zwaard

      • dolk

      • tondeuse messen (nog niet beschikbaar)

      • ...

      Grinding service for both private and professional           

      Your passion is our satisfaction!

      Own transport service

      We provide a restaurant pick-up service. We collect the knives and deliver them back to you within 2 days. If you can't miss your knives, you will get a replacement set instead. Pickups can be scheduled 24/7. For catering within a radius of 80 km and a minimum of 10 knives.

      Dropp off in our lockers

      We have lockers at our workshop in Brakel. Here you can easily and safely leave your knives. Enter your details on the card in the locker and we will contact you as soon as the knives are sharpened. You only have to wait 2 days for your knives.

      shipping by post

      Knives can be sent to us for sharpening via shipping. We will return the sharpened knives to you by registered mail. Clearly state name, address and email address when shipping. notify us that we can expect your package.

      Dropp off in our nearest sharpening places

      You can visit one of our nearest sharpening places for a sharpening without an appointment. Wrap your knives and scissors in a sturdy towel for protection. Chef & Knife will then sharpen your knives in its own workshop in Brakel.

      make an appointment

      Visit our workshop in Brakel and bring in the knives personally for a sharpening. We will help you as soon as possible. the next day you can take your sharpened knives back home.