Sharpening stone Yaxell 240/1000

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    Sharpening stone Yaxell grid 240/1000 [36060]

    The combination stone of Yaxell 240/1000 is the most frequently made choice in the professional kitchen. With grid 240 it is possible to create a new cutting surface. Grit 1000 provides an acceptable finish. For a razor-sharp result it is recommended to switch to a higher grid afterwards.


    Yaxell's whetstones are well-balanced when it comes to abrasive grit and binding agent. While sharpening you will quickly see a slurry forming on the top. As a result of this slurry, new particles surface that enhance the sharpening process. It is therefore recommended not to rinse the slurry off with water. In addition, the combination of water and slurry will ensure that the detached metal particles do not get stuck in your whetstone. This is the biggest asset of a Japanese synthetic stone.

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