Laguiole Robert David DLC1412OL

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    Napoleon was someone who displayed wildly ambitious behavior to compensate for his feelings of inferiority. He wanted to transcend the mythical aura of his predecessors. When he crowned himself emperor, he put on a coat embroidered with golden bees. The coat came from a legendary monarch named Childrik. Construction workers had accidentally discovered the grave containing the coat containing 300 golden bees.

    Bees were considered a symbol of immortality and power. For every brave soldier, Napoleon gave an emblem with a bee on it. 

    Now we understand where the “bee” comes from on the Laguiole knife. But where do the rivets in the shape of a cross come from? Well, when Catholic soldiers went to Spain they were in need of a prayer. Because the churches were far away, they stabbed the knife in the ground and that way they were still able to offer their prayers.

    The “real” Laguiole knives are completely handcrafted in and around the Laguiole region. A well-known region is Thiers where Robert David is active.

    What could be more fun than giving a Laguiole knife as a gift! 


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    12C27 staal

    olijfhout handvat

    hardheid hrc58

    Franse oorsprong

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