This is the Kurouchi carbon clad series. Kuro means black and refers to the dark coating on the blade. This finish develops when it is being heated, afterwards only the cutting edge is polished back smooth. The Kurouchi is a sturdy knife that feels heavier in the hand. With a hardness of HRC62 the cutting edge remains sharp for a long time.

The Kurouchi’s finish, combined with the walnut wood handle, gives this knife a unique look and turns it into an eye-catcher in your kitchen. Please note that this series is made of carbon steel. If the blade stays wet for a long time, you run the risk that it will rust.

Petty/Utility Kikuichi kurouchi 150mm
219.99 € 219.99 € 219.99 EUR
Santoku Kikuichi kurouchi 180mm
279.99 € 279.99 € 279.99 EUR
Slicing Kikuichi kurouchi 270mm
399.99 € 399.99 € 399.99 EUR