How to maintain your chopping board?
Did you know that an average chopping board contains more bacteria than a toilet seat?

Clean wooden chopping boards with a brush and a little soap under hot running water. Dry the chopping board with a dry towel and let it dry upright to prevent warping. 

Brecht Loterman • Managing Director Chef & Knife

Every other month you can give your chopping board some 'major maintenance'. To thoroughly clean your shelf, sprinkle the surface with baking soda and sprinkle it with vinegar. Then give your chopping board a thorough scrub so that all the dirt is absorbed and sanded away. Afterwards, rinse the surface under hot running water. 

To protect your chopping board against unwanted intruders, rub it once a month with mineral oil or beeswax. Apply oil or beeswax until the surface is saturated and no longer absorbs any product. That way, you will have a nice protective layer again and your board will be just like new. 

Some great ideas for wooden cutting boards:

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